Friday, 6 February 2015

Examples of Technical Drawings for Loft Conversions.

The examples shown below cover four basic types of 'Standard' loft conversion design, yet each technical drawing for a loft conversion is unique. Whichever is the ideal type for your needs, you can rely on 3rd Storey Technical Drawings to listen to your ideas and work with you to find the best possible loft conversion design.

                         Anthony Lewis.

Example A

Loft conversion with side + rear dormer 

The house shown is semi-detached, yet this design works exactly the same for end-of-terrace houses. Money-saving tip: one option with this design - in order to keep building costs down - is to omit the rear dormer and only have the side dormer (side dormers are usually needed for staircase access to the new loft rooms). See EXAMPLE E for this type of design.

Example B

Loft conversion with rear dormer 

Mid-terraced houses are particularly suited to loft conversions. They make wonderful, spacious rooms. Example B made excellent additional living space for the homeowners.

Example C

Loft conversion with lowered first-floor ceilings to facilitate side + rear dormers

This drawing exemplifies why not only homeowners but also loft conversion builders trust 3rd Storey Technical Drawings with their design drawings. Example C shows one of the more complex loft conversion principles; the design required the existing first-floor ceilings to be lowered to make the loft conversion feasible. The design was complex and the appointed builder needed the technical drawings to be inch-perfect. Our drawings for this project were commended by the approved Building Control Surveyor responsible for the building project.

Example D

Loft conversion with rear dormer

Example E

Loft conversion with side dormer

Loft conversions with only Velux roof windows are not a popular as they once were, yet make beautiful loft rooms. Example E shows a simple design which provided a stunning master bedroom with en-suite.

Example F

Loft conversion with rear dormer (including en-suite)

Example G

Loft conversion with rear dormer (including en-suite)

Example H

Loft conversion with side and rear dormers

Example I

Loft conversion with hip-to-gable and rear dormer (including en-suite)

Example J

Loft conversion with rear dormer

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