Sunday, 19 July 2015

Look Who's Moving House...

Ok, so this may not seem news-worthy at first glance, but we thought we'd mention it because, as from 1 September 2015, the Tech Sketch page will disappear from our Technical Drawings blogspot and will only be available in our Art & Graphics blogspot.

Why the move? Well, Tech Sketch's natural home when it got started was our technical drawings business. But now that it's grown up it more closely resembles our graphics work: hey presto...the explanation is as dull as that:)

For the time being, both blogspots have the dedicated Tech Sketch page tab in order to make for a smooth transition. Apart from the official move on 1 September, Tech Sketch is remaining exactly the same - a first-class, innovative product.

  Let 3rd Storey help you gain an edge
over your competitors...
A growing number of loft conversion builders are discovering the one, crucial benefit of Tech Sketch for their business: including a Tech Sketch with their written quotations helps win new customers.

My kind regards,

Anthony Lewis.

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