Friday, 3 June 2016

Why I Love Creating Technical Drawings for Loft Conversions.

In 1987 I began my first business as an Architectural Technician. I quickly discovered that of all my varied commissions - from domestic extensions to public buildings - it was the ‘humble’ loft conversion which I enjoyed working on the most. I say humble because many professional designers - Architects, Technologists, Draughtsmen, Surveyors, and so on - frequently told me how much they hated drawing loft conversions and, indeed, often shunned them: they considered these projects too small and problematic. I didn't agree, but I benefited greatly as they referred these projects straight back to me!

I closed my practice in 2013 after 26 years as an Architectural Designer in order to start my present business - The 3rd Storey Cloud: I wanted to have a technical drawing business that was dedicated to loft conversions design (3rd Storey Technical Drawings) and to also pursue my other interests in the field of art & graphics (3rd Storey Art & Graphics).

Over my years designing loft conversions, I have honed my skills to specialise in helping families ‘move up and not out’ and obtain that much needed additional living space for homeowners on a budget. Continuing to do this work is very important to me. Should you choose 3rd Storey Technical Drawings to design your loft conversion, I look forward to meeting you.

My kind regards,

Anthony Lewis.
Technical Director.

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