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Your Loft Conversion and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 - also known as CDM 2015

The basics of what you need to know.

CDM 2015 makes a distinction between domestic clients and commercial clients, who commission construction work as part of their business.

A domestic 'client' is an individual who has construction work carried out on their home or the home of a family member, that is not done as part of any business. While CDM 2015 places client duties on commercial clients in full, such duties for domestic clients normally pass to:

  • the contractor, if it is a single contractor project, who must take on the legal duties of the client in addition to their own as the contractor. In practice, this should involve little more than what they normally do in managing health and safety risks.
  • the principal contractor, for projects with more than one contractor, who must take on the legal duties of the client in addition to their own as the principal contractor. If the domestic client has not appointed a principal contractor, the client duties must be carried out by the contractor in control of the construction work.

If a domestic client has appointed an architect (or another designer) on a project involving more than one contractor, they can ask them to manage the project and take on the client duties instead of the principal contractor. The designer then takes on the responsibilities of principal designer and must have a written agreement with the domestic client, confirming they have agreed (as the principal designer) to take on the client duties as well as their own responsibilities.

Any designer in charge of coordinating and managing a project is assumed to be the principal designer. However, if they do not have a written agreement with the domestic client to confirm they are taking on the client duties, those duties automatically pass to the principal contractor.

Our Objective

On the following pages, we provide a summary and diagram to help you better understand your role within the CDM 2015. Below are links to several sources of information which you may find helpful.

You can watch a short video clip here:

or view the help pages of the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) site here:

3rd Storey Technical Drawings accepts projects on the basis of being the non-appointed ‘Principle Designer’. In other words, under the CDM 2015, your duties as the ‘Client’ are transferred to the ‘Principle Contractor’ (builder) when building work commences. We comply with our duties of the CDM 2015 as Principle Designer up until building work commences by preparing the Health & Safety File ‘HSF’ ready for handover to you and your Principle Contractor. Please refer to the diagram below to see the role we play on your loft conversion project under the CDM 2015.

Remember: if you have any queries then please don't delay calling us or your chosen building contractor to discuss. We would be pleased to help.

My kind regards,

Anthony Lewis.
Technical Director.

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