About Us

We provide loft conversion design drawings (plans) to homeowners and loft conversion builders throughout the UK.

Our lead designer - Anthony Lewis - has been an architectural designer since 1987.

3rd Storey Technical Drawings was created by Anthony and myself (brother & sister) in 2013 by a desire to have a business which was dedicated to loft conversion design as opposed to general architecture. We are passionate about all things which further the principles in the loft conversion sector: good design, high build quality, and - above all - focused customer care.

If you haven't already done so, please read Anthony's post Why I Love Creating Technical Drawings for Loft Conversions - there you will discover why he has enjoyed his job over such a long period of time.

We are a small, focused team that is dedicated to professionally designed loft conversions which meet the expectations of our customers. Should you choose us, you will quickly discover that we enjoy working for homeowners and builders and that our approach to customers is built on friendliness, respect and trust. Please read our post 3rd Storey; 3 promises.

There are very few design businesses that have a sole commitment to the loft conversion sector and for this reason, we are sought out from homeowners and builders throughout the UK who are looking for high-quality design work.

Trust us with your loft conversion design; we are dedicated to ensuring that you achieve the best possible loft conversion design for your home or business.

My kind regards,

Joanna Lewis.

The 3rd Storey Cloud Ltd.


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    1. A big 'thank you' to everyone at Icrenovation for your comment. Great to get such positive feedback - the Team here at 3rd Storey appreciate it.