Monday, 6 May 2019

Helpsheet 2

Your Loft Conversion and the Planning Application Process

Our procedure for submitting your planning application can be separated into 6 key stages as outlined below. 

Once submitted, how your council processes your planning application is largely governed by legislation and is designed to allow the input of expert and interested parties in the decision-making process. 

The timescale for most planning applications is 8 weeks.

Step 1 – Pre-application paperwork

We will pre-fill the Planning application forms on your behalf and send them to you for your approval prior to submission. We will also send an ordnance map showing your property boundaries for you to check and approve. Let us know if you have any queries with the pre-application paperwork.

Step 2 – Application and validation

We will submit your planning application using the government’s online Planning Portal. Once submitted, the Planning Portal forwards the application to your local council. At this time we provide a link that enables you to send payment of the planning fee directly to your council.

The council will check your application to ensure all documentation is correct (any missing information - including fees - will be requested before processing can start). Once completed, your application will be referred to as ‘validated’ and assigned to a Planning Officer.

Step 3 - Consultation and publicity

Where appropriate the council will send out ‘consultation letters’ to your neighbours and, where applicable, various bodies to obtain their expert view.

Others can view plans online. During the 21 day consultation period anyone can comment on your application.

Step 4 – Site visit and assessment

Your property (the ‘site’) is inspected by the Planning Officer. Where relevant, the Officer will also gather any site-specific information such as photographs.

Following this, the Planning Officer will assess your application taking into account planning policies, consultation responses and public representations.

Step 5 - Officer Report

The Planning Officer will produce a report outlining their recommendation as to whether planning consent can be granted. The officer report is sent to the person - or body - authorised to make a formal decision. The report will include all of the relevant facts relating to the application in order to inform the decision maker.

Step 6 - Decision

A decision is taken on the application by the appropriate person or body. With most ‘Lawful Development (proposed use)’ applications, senior officers who have delegated authority from the Planning Committee normally make decisions under what’s known as ‘delegated powers’. This means that they can make the decision without going to the relevant committee.

Remember: if you have any queries then please don't delay calling us or your chosen building contractor to discuss. We would be pleased to help.

My kind regards,

Anthony Lewis.
Technical Director.

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